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Large Print Books are an important vision aid in today's educational environment, as they are portable (no cables, fit in a backpack), durable (don't break if you drop them), familiar (we all use books and know how they work), and have no need for a power source.

LRS (Library Reproduction Service) has been producing large print school books and other large print educational materials for over 50 years.  Our founder, John Scharlin, was the original developer of the split page (calendar) format that enabled a small closed-book size to be coupled with truly large print of 18pt and up. This format also retains the original page layout, which is so important for VI (Visually Impaired) students in a mainstream classroom environment.  

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About LRS (Library Reproduction Service)



LRS has been involved in providing large print books and other educational materials since the 1960's.  We've worked with educators and other professionals across the United States and overseas, taking their input to provide the ideal tools for Visually Impaired and other Print Impaired Students who are being taught in a mainstream environment.



We've striven to respond to the need of VI students and their educators, keeping up with the latest in printing and binding technology to ensure a durable high quality product at a fair price and in a timely manner. Our custom-made products enable us to make Large Print books that meet the need of each individual student. 



Our longevity and reputation are evidence that we take the requirements for Large Print Educational Materials seriously.  This is all we do, we're not a commercial print shop, nor an offshoot of a large corporation, but a small family-owned business devoted to being the best, and providing the best!

The Value of Large Print

Printed books have been with us for centuries, and have been threatened with replacement by various alternatives;  microfilm, TV, film, PCs, CD's, e-books, tablets and many other delivery options for educational materials. There's no question that recent advances in technology have provided some excellent learning aids for Vision- and Print-Impaired Students.  And today's students are far more sophisticated in their use of digital media in their everyday lives.  But in the classroom there is still a place for printed text books, which are durable and require no power source.  More to the point, printed books make it easier to follow along, and can be accessed anywhere, at home, on the bus, in the car, on vacation, on a sleepover with Grandma, anywhere. 

If the decision is made to use printed text books then it's important that VI Students don't feel left out, or singled out. LRS Large Print Books provide the student with a book that fits in their backpack or locker and doesn't dominate the desk.  Our calendar-style split page format keeps the closed book size close to the original while allowing type sizes of 18 pt and up. The page is identical in layout, format and numbering to the original, so it's use is completely transparent. This is the vision aid that VI students can use, and will use!

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