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LRS: The Best in Large Print Educational Materials

LRS  Books are an indispensable educational tool for providing accessibility to visually-impaired and print-impaired students

LRS Large Print School Books are the Best:


The Best For Visually Impaired Students!

VI  Students, like their classmates, just want to fit in.  LRS large print school books look the same as regular text books, same size and appearance, but the split page (calendar) format gives them the same page layout as everyone else, but with a much larger type size.  LRS books fit in a backpack too!


The Best for Educators!

LRS Large Print School Books allow a seamless approach to teaching a mainstream class containing a Visually Impaired Student.  The same page numbering and layout in truly Large Print allows the teacher to say, "turn to page 23, look at the chart on the right" and know that the Visually Impaired Student is seeing exactly the same page as their peers, only with a minimum 18 point type size.


The Best for Administrators and Support Staff!

LRS Large Print School Books are easy to order, click here, call us 800 255 5002, fax 310 354 2610 or email  

  • Don't have an original? Call us and we'll get one.
  • Can't find your title? We can enlarge any book, yes any book!
  • Found a lower price? Call us and we'll match it.
  • Want a low cost Consumable book?  We can do those too, single page 15" x 11", spiral or soft bind, just give us a call.

A Key Vision Aid

Why Large Print Books?

Even in today's educational environment with multiple platforms to provide learning materials, the hard copy book has an important role.  Books are durable, can withstand being taken from room to room and back and forth to home in a backpack.  They help better with the scanning of the page, especially for visually-impaired or print-impaired students. Books are familiar, there is no software to load, no power source needed, no internet connection required. And there is some evidence that students learn better from printed books  and 

Why LRS Large Print Books?

In a classroom where printed books are the norm, the advantages of LRS large print becomes apparent.  LRS books have a closed book size close to the original so the users don't stand out as different. LRS Large Print Books fit in a backpack or locker too!  This is why we say that our books are the learning aid that students can use and will use, since there is anecdotal evidence that some vision aids often go unused.

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Let us help!

LRS Large Print Educational Materials are made-to-order, so that we can customize the following features for each Visually Impaired Student:

  • Type size, depending on the size of the original.
  • Binding: Hardcover, Softcover or Spiral Binding.
  • Format: Split Page (Calendar) or Full Page.
  • Paper: White or Cream.

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